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Experience the outdoors like never before and come on an adventure accessible to you! Home of 2-hour & 24-hour mini adventures, for busy working people to wanting to get more from their weekends and free time. Connect with a vibrant community of enthusiastic people and get inspired by a hub of ideas. 

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Our Story

Our modern professional lives are geared up to working a 9 to 5, taking several big holidays and the occasional weekend away. We spend a lot of time on our screens (and on social media). The more time that we spend on our screens, the more disconnected we become from the great outdoors and our environment. 

Some of our most memorable and happiest experiences are in nature. 

But why do we need to spend time in nature? According to a University of Derby study, people who went into nature everyday for a month had 30% increase in reporting their health as 'excellent'. A University of Essex study, found that taking a walk in nature reduced depression in subjects by a whopping 71%.

Our THREE PromiseS

  1. You will have a fun, immersive and refreshing experience.

  2. You just need to turn up. We sort absolutely everything that you will need for the adventure.

  3. We are price minded and keep it affordable.

Set your alarm for 5am and head out into the dawn of a new day

Set your alarm for 5am and head out into the dawn of a new day